Our Work

Several of the current and past projects we have worked on are described below:

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Web-based application to enable physical therapists and other medical professionals to administer FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation) exams to patients and other individuals, most commonly for the purpose of determining fitness for employment (either as part of pre-employment screening or ability to return to work after sustaining an injury). Additional fitness and health related examinations are offered beyond the FCE. Programmed using Microsoft .NET framework technology and hosted on Azure.

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Medical Practice Management

WinForms application that performs document management. appointment scheduling, billing functionality for a busy medical practice operating out of multiple locations. The key document management feature implements custom word processing, extensive PDF handling, OCR and several other tools and techniques to automate and organize needed documents. Programmed using VB.NET with SQL Server back-end.

Insurance Industry Tax Strategy and Wealth Transfer

Web-based set of applications used by insurance agents and financial advisors to illustrate the benefits of an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy as an investment, tax-savings, or wealth transfer vehicle to prospective customers. The Cap-Tran piece is based on a classic VB application originally conceived by the late Gary Marcus to show prospects how they could leave greater wealth to their heirs by transferring certain types of existing assets to a life insurance policy. Some screen shots of the original application are also shown here. Also shown is a WinForms application used by insurance agents and financial advisors to illustrate the benefits of an IUL.

Sales Applications for Apparel Retailer

Developed a number of applications for specialty apparel retailer, including: in-store point-of-sale (POS) system with customer management features (some screens of which are shown here); customer service system to handle payments, returns, and discounts; an application to generate sales catalogs; an embroidery application to assist in-house workers affix logos to garments; and web-based online shopping site (some screens of which are shown here). Desktop systems programmed in VB.NET with SQL Server back-end, website developed with .NET framework using SQL Server back-end.

Outdoor Market Management

Set of web-based applications to enable exhibitors to apply for spaces at outdoor markets where they can sell their wares. Public-facing pages enable exhibitors to apply and register for events; back-end pages enable management to set up events, qualify applicants, and review payment information. Originally developed with classic ASP, now converted to .NET framework with SQL Server back-end.

Tax Filing and Payroll

WinForms applications for tax and business services firm. Applications are a receipt tracker to maintain the transactions of tax-time customers, a payroll summary application to facilitate payroll processing and reporting for business customers, and an e-File helper application to assist preparers record fees collected and track acknowledgement dates pertaining to customers' income tax filings. Written in VB.NET with MS-Access back-end, heavy integration of MS-Excel.

Estate Planning

Multi-function application for an estate planning company using classic Visual Basic with an MS-Access back-end, with heavy automation of Word and Excel. This application automates the generation of a set of estate planning documents (revocable living trust, last will and testament, powers of attorney, etc.) for the company's clients. The application also provides appointment scheduling, contact management, asset management, and reporting functionality.

Landscape Management

WinForms application for a landscaping company. This system allows the company to manage their entire business process, from customer management, detailed time and materials job estimating, creating work orders and timesheets, generating customer contracts, employee timekeeping, and management reports. Written in VB.NET with SQL Server back-end; heavy integration of MS-Word and MS-Excel.